Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lori Foster "When You Dare"

“Molly got her eyes open, only to find that the blue of his were incendiary.”

:sighs: Who wouldn’t love such a heated stare.
I enjoyed this book and could not put it down. Lori Foster is not one of my auto-buy authors, but I took a chance because the summary sounded great. I was not disappointed. 

Dare Macintosh is a security specialist whom is in Tijuana to rescue a family friend. In the process of this, he also rescues Molly Alexander whom was kidnapped for reasons unknown to her. She hires Dare to protect her and at the same time help find out is behind the kidnapping. Amongst the investigating and protective custody a relationship develops. 

Personally, I never get tired of a good protector/protected love story. Dare is determined, full of resources and sexy as hell. I enjoyed his character because he had the right amount of confidence without seeming pompous and bloated on his own abilities. I absolutely loved Molly’s character. She was so in your face and had a “don’t have time to beat around the bush” personality. They balanced each other perfectly. When Molly had her weak moments Dare was there to support her and when Dare was feeling as if he wasn’t protecting Molly as he should she was there to tell him otherwise. 

From the little (and I do mean little) research that I have done this series was introduced in the Guy Next Door anthology that Lori Foster participated in. I have not read her participating story and had no problem whatsoever keeping up with character names, stories, etc in this book. One thing I did notice was that there wasn’t much exposition on Dare’s past. Don’t get me wrong there was a conversation where Dare talked a bit about his family, but I felt like I knew more about Molly’s past than I did Dare’s. It didn’t stop me from liking and investing in Dare, but I did note that.

The love scenes are hot, but not nuclear. If you’re looking for some raunchy, gutter sex you’re wasting your time. Don’t get me wrong the sex is still good. Hot enough to make you fan yourself. This book of chock full of gun fights, bombs, fighting and a fantastic mating dance between the characters with a satisfying ending. 

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