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Bent, Not Broken (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, #2) by Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

Bent, Not Broken (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, #2)Bent, Not Broken by Sam Crescent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Smoke is literally rising off the pages of this book. I am a die hard Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent fan and this book lives up to both of their reputations. Sexy men, ass kicking, steamy love scenes, and gorgeous women with backbones of steel.

When I first heard of this book and read the synopsis I knew it was going to be....

I was ecstatic when she consented to give me an ARC.

Joker...GOOD LORD I want some of him.

Their coming together was off the charts HOT.

If you're thinking this book is pure smut au contraire. There is some serious weight behind Amy and how she met Joker and how she is living her life now. Its refreshing, for lack of a better word, to read a book that has more meat to it than just the journey of the hero and heroine falling in love. In this book there's murder, rape, a MC club, love, family, etc. Its all there and I definitely recommend this book.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

ARC : Damned (Four Horsemen MC Novel #3) by Cynthia Rayne


Rose Weston is in hell.

After being kidnapped and held as a sex slave, she is struggling to come to terms with the trauma. Under the care of her sister, Daisy, Rose is recovering at the Hades Motel and Diner, owned by the Four Horsemen MC. When Rose is threatened by her former captor, she asks Duke for help.

Duke has been to hell and back.
After surviving an abusive childhood, dangerous black ops missions, and a stint in prison, Duke is reluctant to give a damn about anyone but himself. Despite his better judgment, he finds himself helping Rose. She touches a place in his cold heart, no other woman has. He reluctantly agrees to teach her combat skills. Together, they will make the man who held her captive pay. But he doesn't count on what a temptation Rose can be. She wants to share his bed, have a sexual relationship on her own terms, but is she ready after the abuse she's suffered? Or is she damned?


I want to first thank the author, Cynthia Rayne, for providing this book for an honest review. I will preface this review by saying I am no stranger to the Four Horseman series. I knew back when I read Cowboy and Daisy’s story that I was going to be in for a whirlwind with her sister Rose. Poor Rose. She is a victim of a perv who used to use her like a sex toy and lock her in a cage when he wasn’t. The Four Horsemen MC freed her and she’s been going through the motions ever since. Duke, a member of the Four Horsemen MC, served as her doctor and bodyguard through the ordeal. He’s the first one to tell her its okay to be f__ed up about what happened to her because it was f___ed. Based on previous books the reader knows that Duke was just released from a 5 year stint in prison.

I definitely enjoyed the dynamic between Duke and Rose. She is a hot mess. He is a hot mess. They both have similar histories. I loved how he honestly helped her because he could see the wounded animal inside of her that no one else could. He was definitely her friend and mentor. And when they finally crossed that bridge of physical intimacy -- boy was it hot.

I won’t talk about Shep, but the truth about him is going to come out sooner or later. I personally can’t wait to read the next in the series (Eddie and Captain). That, I know for a fact, is going to be hot. Their attraction has been simmering for decades.  

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ARC : Reclaimed by River Savage (A Knight's Rebel MC Novella)

Title: Reclaimed (A Knights Rebels MC Novella 2.5)
Author: River Savage
Publication Date: February 17, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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When the woman you love is lost, how hard will you fight to get her back?

Following the birth of her daughter, Kadence Knight finds herself in a battle she never prepared for. With desperation and unhappiness threatening to overwhelm her, a sense of hopelessness pulls her away from the one thing she has always longed for: a family. 

As Nix watches his wife struggle with something he doesn't understand, he can't help but feel disconnected to his woman. The Kadence he once knew has drifted into the darkness. In her place is a shadow of the woman she once was, one who is fearful of the impossible...failing their daughter. 

This Valentine’s Day, Nix has one goal — to reclaim the woman who gave him everything. 

*Please note this is a novella and features the characters from the previous storyline. 
The events of Reclaimed take place after Incandescent and Affliction. Book one and two in the Knights Rebels MC. 
To get the full advantage of the story, and character development, I strongly suggest you read in order.


First of all I'd like to thank the author for gifting me with this ARC and allowing me to experience Nix and Kadence. I do agree with the blurb above that you need to have read the previous Knight's Rebel books to be able to understand AND appreciate the story fully. I, myself, have never had postpartum, but this novella did a great job of delving into the thoughts of someone suffering with it. You get to see her struggle, her family's struggle and most definitely Nix's struggle. There were points where I sympathized with Kadence, but then I found myself gravitating to Nix's side. That is a man with major love for his wife. Even when she was at her worst he literally had the patience of Job. It gives you a good look at the struggles in marriage and how throwing children in the mix escalates and oftentimes increases said struggles. The book isn't completely sad and hopeless. There are comedic areas and the funniest one has to do with a little blue pill. 



“I don’t know what you want from me,” I whisper. Communication was never this hard. The distance growing further between us as each day passes makes me afraid that this is what we’ve become. “I just want to bring you happiness, baby,” he sighs, but before I can tell him I don’t think he can, Harlow’s cries come through the monitor. I move off the bed to go to her, knowing she will need to be fed. “You walk out of this room, Kadence, you walk out on me.” His cold tone stops me from moving any further. It’s the same tone he used in the bathroom. “Leave her,” he commands, but the thought of continuing this conversation, where we tear each other down, has me fighting him. “Nix, I have to check on her.” I continue to the door. “Don’t you dare leave this fuckin’ room. I’m important too. I’m your fuckin’ husband. Do you hear me? We are important.” His hand sweeps across his nightstand, causing one big crash that sends everything tumbling to the floor. I’m frozen in place, my hand resting on the door handle. The room is silent. The shock of what has gone on tonight so raw I don’t think either of us knows how to process it. “I don’t know what you want from me,” I repeat, closing my eyes when Harlow’s cries grow louder, sending my anxiety rising. Doesn’t he know he’s only making it worse? “Jesus, I don’t know. Give me a look, smile at me…fuckin’ touch me. Give me a connection that says we’re on the same fuckin’ side. I can’t continue to stay in this place we are in. I’m drowning here, Kadence. We both are, and I just don’t know if I can keep treading water for both of us. You have to help me, baby. You have to want us to survive.” He falls to the bed, his head dropping to his hands. Seeing him like this, in this state makes me realize that our situation is bigger than me, than him. It’s bigger than either one of us realize. “That’s not fair.” I release the handle and turn, collapsing against the wall. The wind knocks out of me as his words resonate within me. We are drowning and I have to stop fighting. At this realization, my knees become weak. Standing becomes too hard. I slide down the wall, dropping my ass to the carpet. “Life isn’t fair, Kadence. I wish it was, but it just isn’t. Look where we both have come from; look where life has taken us. We won’t survive if you won’t talk to me, Kadence. Talk to someone.” He stands to come to me, but having him in my space only makes things worse. “Please don’t.” I draw in a breath, defeated. His frustration and concerns only prove what a bad mother I’ve been, what a bad wife I’ve become. “Don’t what, Kadence? Don’t make me walk away. I want my wife back. I don’t know what’s happened, but I don’t like who you’ve become.” His voice is pained, as broken as my soul feels. His confession doesn’t surprise me, but it still burns. I know I don’t like who I’ve become. How do I expect Nix to like me? “You don’t think I ask myself that question every day? That I don’t look at myself and ask what is wrong with me? I don’t know who I’ve become, Nix. All I know is I should. I should know who I am.” My head thuds against the wall in defeat. I can’t keep going on like this. I can hear Harlow’s cries quietening, as she resettles herself, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting out of this room. “I know who you are, Kadence. You’re the woman I love. The most amazin’ mother to our daughter, our son.” Saying Z is my son pulls at me harder. The fact that he, too, is affected by what is happening hurts even more. Nix walks over and squats to my level, careful not to get into my space, but close enough for me to reach out and touch him if I wanted to. “Why don’t I know that? I should know that Nix.” “You don’t have to know. I know, the kids know and that’s enough.” “It’s not enough for me.” My hand itches to touch him, to feel his hardness under my fingers, but sitting broken on the floor of our bedroom, I know I can’t. I can’t touch the man who means everything to me and I hate myself for it. “When did you stop trustin’ yourself?” “I don’t know. When did I stop being myself?” I counter, and my admission halts him for a moment. He crawls forward, coming closer into my space. His warmth, his calming presence wraps itself all over me. “The first step is askin’ for help, baby. Let me help you. You don’t have to be alone. Let me learn to breathe the ugliness you see. Let me share the darkness, Kadence. Just don’t push me away.” His pleading pulls at me, pulls at the hatred that has settled inside. “I’m not doing good, Nix,” I say, looking up and giving him what he needs. What I need. “Somewhere along the way, I woke completely lost and overwhelmed. And every day, it gets harder and harder to deal.” A sob tears from deep within me, and walls I’ve been hiding behind crumble down. “I know, baby.” He pulls me into the hardness of his chest. “We’re gonna be okay,” he promises, and everything in me wants to believe him. Everything in me wants to trust he has me. That he has us. But the truth is, I’ve drowned in so much self-doubt and uneasiness, that trust seems so far away.

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Series Reading Order

(Knights Rebels MC #1)

Phoenix ‘Nix’ Knight thought pulling his club out of the illegal shit his Pops got them into was difficult.
Until he meets Kadence.
Kadence Turner has no business lusting over a student’s father, especially the president of the Knights Rebels MC. Nix is crass, obnoxious and dangerously sexy and for some reason, Kadence can’t seem to hate him for it. The bossy biker breaks down her defenses, but unlike the old Kadence, the woman she is today won’t give in without a fight.
The tension is undeniable, the attraction fierce. A man that wants what he wants and a woman that will fight him every step of the way.

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Three little words are all it takes to rip his world apart. Lost in his own affliction, Sy has been living in a darkness that he doesn't ever want to let go of. 
Until she arrives and shines her light so bright that nothing else mattered.
She was only in it for the chase, for the thrill of capturing the unattainable.
But what happens when her world shatters around her, spiraling her into the darkness beside him?
Can his affliction be her resurrection?
Or will two lost souls living in the depths of deception let it destroy them?

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About the Author

River Savage is the author of the Knights Rebels MC Series. 

An avid reader of romance and erotic novels, her love for books and reading fueled her passion for writing. Reading no longer sated her addiction, so she started writing in secret. She never imagined that her dream of publishing a novel would ever be achievable. 
With a soft spot for an alpha male and a snarky sassy woman, Kadence and Nix were born.

River would love to hear from you. You can contact and/or follow her via...

Facebook / Twitter ( @RiverS_Author ) / Pinterest / Website / TSU / Youtube


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ARC : Obligation (Underground Kings #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


First off I want to thank TRSOR promotions as well as the author for providing me with this ARC.

I was so excited to receive it because I am a die hard Aurora Rose Reynolds fan. Ever since I read the Until Series I was hooked.

If you are familiar with her previous work then you will recognize the character Kai. If so, then you know that he is NOT on the right side of the law. I was a little confused with how the book began. Without ruining the story, you are introduced to the heroine after the act of her marrying Kai. You know Kai is protecting her and marrying her is his way of doing so. I went with it and much later you discover the skeletons in Myla's closet and Kai's involvement with said skeletons.

I liked this story because there isn't some instant attraction between the two characters. Hell, Myla is scared for her life - sex and a relationship aren't at the top of her list right now; survival is. I enjoyed the way the author changed things up with the character's racial backgrounds. I don't usually read a book where the hero is of Polynesian descent. My mind went in overdrive imagining how hot Kai was. (With a name like Kai could he be anything but!)

If you're looking for an interaction between Kai and the Until Series characters you'll find a miniature one, but not enough to feed a reunion fix. There is such tension in this book in regards to Myla's past AND Kai's future. Kai is trying to create a new image and new business practices and Myla is just trying to understand who her family is.

In conclusion, its definitely worth a read.

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Craving Redemption (The Aces #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world.

They should have never crossed paths.

But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him.

They part believing they’ll never see each other again.
Neither could have predicted the chain of events they’d put in motion.

Now the two have to navigate the dark waters of a relationship built on tragedy and need without drowning in guilt for things outside their control.

How do you love someone when the worst decision of your life was the reason you met them?

This book is literally chock full of f*%$ed up people. Asa (Greaser), Callie, Farrah. Its like every chapter is full of some of the most horrible things that can happen to a person. But its so good. I devoured every page, every chapter and still I wanted more.

 I knew Callie was destined for a melt down at some point. She just had entirely too much going on in her past and her present. She was damaged. And only at 16. smh

Asa (Greaser). What can I say about this biker bad boy? He's definitely one of those people who love to be needed and he hit a jackpot with Callie. Granted, he "saved" her at the beginning of the book, but as the story progresses you see that there's this twisted needy relationship between the two. And every time you think they're finally going to get their HEA BOOM some other stuff happens. By the end of the book I am begging and pleading for them to be a family.

Since initially reading this book in October of 2013 I've reread it again to prepare for Poet's book (Craving Resurrection) and it is still as messed up then as it is now. All I can say is its full of feelings : retribution, angst, sorrow, anger, hate, accusation, love, devotion...the list goes on.

Definitely worth your time.

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Marked (Dark Protectors, #7) by Rebecca Zanetti

Marked (Dark Protectors, #7)Marked by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Janie/Zane's story was everything I thought it would be AND MORE. There were so many OMG moments and surprises that I was so not ready for.

I wish I could tell you, but....READ THE BOOK. This will definitely be a book that I return to for a yearly reread. I cannot wait for the next in the series AND the spin off series.


Thank you Rebecca for the AWESOME read(s).

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Taste of Darkness (Darkness, #2) by Katie Reus

Taste of Darkness (Darkness, #2)Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I so enjoyed this one better than book 1. It was so much tension, angst, sexual tension, action, emotion, violence. I was on the edge of my seat the entire book. I wanted to know who sold Drake out. I wanted to Drake and Victoria to end up together. I wanted all the secondary characters to end up with their crushes. Man! I hope Bran and Keelin get their story told. I hope Rhea and Connall do.

I can say the only con with this book was that Drake's parents did not wake up. I really wanted to witness their reunion. Hopefully, in Keelin's story they'll awaken.

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