Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Bad Beast

Since this is officially my first review I’m going to conduct it as if I were having a conversation with my reader’s group.  I’ll preface this review with saying I am an ultimate die hard Shelly Laurenston fan. I was first introduced to her shifters through the Magnus Pack and it’s been uphill ever since then.
What I like, and one of the things that makes her books an auto-buy for me, is the humor that she mixes in. Her books are action packed, so sensual and hilarious to boot.
Big Bad Beast (BBB), if you’re familiar with the series, is the story of Dee Ann Smith and Ulrich Van Holtz. Ulrich is the head of a shifter protection group called The Group. ( J Love the name right? Simplicity at its finest) Dee Ann is  former military and a member of this group. The book is about The Group investigating illegal dog fights that are using hybrid shifters. They are trying to discover the money that is behind this operation.
Shelly Laurenston excels at incredible dialogue. That is the MAIN reason why I purchase her books. The interaction between characters, not just the hero and heroine, is carefully thought out to achieve maximum hilarity. In reading the other books in this series I can honestly say I wasn’t Dee’s biggest fan. I almost didn’t get this book because of her personality, but “Big Bad Beast” is definitely worth $8.40 (quoting price). I’m going to list a few things that can either force me to return a book to the store or add it as a permanent addition to my collection.
1.       Weak dialogue and weak story line
2.       Obnoxious main character (s), which includes @$$hole heroes and doormat heroines
3.        Magic carpeting pertinent facts so that the ending will flow better
4.       Sex just for the sake of sex
In regards to BBB as I mentioned before the dialogue is anything but weak. It’s so good you feel like you’re a fly on the wall. It’s so good that during arguments between the characters I actually wanted to put the book down to give them some privacy. As far as obnoxious main characters there aren’t any. Now obnoxious side characters you could argue that; though, I would say obnoxious in a good way. (Yes there is such a thing, see Brendon and Mitch Shaw) I can only speak for myself, but I honestly didn’t feel that SL slid a fact in here or there. She builds up the plotline and story from page one, the way you’re supposed to. I can also segue way into the issue of ‘if I haven’t read the rest of the series will I be lost’. Unfortunately, that is a STRONG possibility. If you’re the type of reader who likes to be familiar with everyone the main characters come into contact with my suggestion is to read the other books first. I personally think it makes you appreciate and enjoy each chapter better when you “have a vested interest” in the characters because you’ve already been introduced to them in another book.  WARNING:  any book you start with, that is not the first in the series (“Miss Congeniality” if I’m not mistaken); you’ll end up purchasing the other books anyway. The characters are that engaging.

And finally I’ll talk about what is my number two fave. Sex. The love scenes aren’t tacky nor do they bring to mind dry, dull insert A into B sex. They don’t fall into bed together like sex-crazed maniacs and once they do begin that type of relationship they don’t just have sex just for the sake of having sex. There’s nothing worse than reading porn in disguise.
Overall, I give Big Bad Beast (BBB) my highest rating. I give it a cellphone because I'd actually stop reading this book to pick up my cell & tell any and all how much I enjoyed it.


  1. This was so great and spot on Kelly. I LOVE Shelly Laurenston and because of her writing was super eager to read Dee Ann and Ric's story. Sigh...I can't wait until the next one.

  2. Thanks for commenting Janet. SL is pretty awesome :)