Friday, May 13, 2011

Laurann Dohner "Redeeming Zorus"

Redeeming Zorus is the sixth book in Laurann Dohner’s Cyborg Seduction series. The two main characters, Zorus and Charlie, are thrown together when Charlie breaks Zorus out of a government facility in order to keep her own brother from being killed by loan sharks. In the process of returning Zorus, whom happens to be a Cyborg council member, to his people Charlie finds their positions switched. She is now the one being rescued and Zorus is her liberator.
I am no new-comer when it comes to Laurann Dohner’s Cyborg series. I was first introduced to LD through her Zorn Warriors series (another fav series of mine). LD’s writing is so vivid and her character interaction leaves nothing to be desired. I can always count on being sucked in and immediately transported to the sci-fi world she has created. In my experience I’ve found that most futuristic, sci-fi [romance] novels seem to have the same plot layout – Earth is in jeopardy and we need to colonize a different planet, Earth has visitors and they want to trade resources for women, etc etc. LD has gone a completely different way and created a fresh approach.
Sidenote : these cyborgs are not Terminators with a sex drive. They are bio-engineering at its finest.
If you’re familiar with the Cyborg Seduction series then you’ll recognize Zorus, but if it’s your first time reading the series then you’ll go into without any preconceived notions. I expected Zorus to be a ‘proper @$$hole’, but found myself rooting for him 2 chapters into reading. This book is chocked full of fighting, sex, family squabbles, sex, possible treason, sex and two of the most unlikely people getting together. I went into reading this book praying Zorus got his comeuppance and boy did he ever. There’s no need to slap this review with a SPOILER ALERT just know its all good by the time you hit the end.
When I read Laurann Dohner I can always expect some kind of plot addition that I never expected. Just when I think I have a good grasp on which direction the book and its characters are going a shiny marquee with the words “THOUGHT YOU KNEW, BUT YOU REALLY DON’T” appear before my eyes. I nod to myself and say “Yes, Laurann you got me again.” It does my cynical heart good to know that there are authors out there that can still wow and surprise me. Don’t get me wrong -- I can still appreciate certain books where I can psychically predict the outcome, but I add the ones who make me say wow to my auto-buy list and Laurann Dohner was added 6+ books ago.


  1. Kelly, thank you for such wonderful words. I'm really glad you read it. I plan to write more cyborgs in the near future.

  2. Just found Laurann's books this past year, love the Cyborg series and also the New Species series. Great books from a great author, just right to snuggle with on snowy Michigan mornings.(GO GREEN GO WHITE)