Thursday, May 26, 2011

Demon Hunting in Dixie by Lexi George

I’m going to start this review off by saying Lexi George must be my long lost cousin or best friend. I started to question our relation at the wonderful use of the word ‘coochie.’ Hilarious!! Demon Hunting in Dixie is the story of Addy, a florist, and Brand, a member of a demon hunting sect called The Dalvahni. The two meet up while Addy is out jogging with her dog Dooley Anne (I LOVE THIS DOG) when he saves her from a run in with a demon.

The first thing I can say about Lexi George and her writing style is she is a master of plain speech and present day vernacular. Quite a few times I found myself saying “Did she really put that in there?” Her characters are well thought out and beautifully developed, so much so that you can just feel their personalities jumping off the page. Each character is so different. I did notice that the friendships in this book compliment each other. Addy and her best friend Evie are perfect examples. An outgoing ‘tell it like it is’ blonde and a shy, reserved redhead. Brand is a dark-haired, sword-wielding warrior and Ansgar is a blonde, bow and arrow carrying warrior. Two sides to a coin.

I love when authors can wow and shake up my somewhat jaded reading palette. I appreciate fresh ideas and new plot directions. Ms. George takes a different approach and stays away from the played out ideas. The complexity of her character’s personalities makes them stick to your memory. Every time a new character was introduced I loved them (even bitchy Meredith aka The Death Starr). Addy’s dog Dooley and her aunt Muddy share the silver medal for my favorite characters. Muddy was a force of nature and her comments were off the wall and a level ten on the TMI meter. 

Ms. George builds the anticipation and tension like a seasoned veteran. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails with my eyes moving across the pages like a ping pong match.  I love the way she inserted pertinent pieces of information. Her timing was A+. Her dialogue is genius.  
“Boom boom boom. Drums in the deep….We cannot get out.”
I love the Lord of the Rings references. I started to think that Brand was patterned after Aragorn and Ansgar was meant to be a buff Legolas. Regardless, the characters really stick.

The love scenes weren’t over done, but at the same time were very steamy. The story itself is so engaging I almost wanted to skim through the love scenes and the development of Brand and Addy’s relationship just so I could see how they’d defeat the demons. And that right there is the heart of it all. Her story is strong enough that if she were to cut out the love scenes, hopefully she’d never do such a thing ‘cause they were HOT, I would still read her book and purchase more. Great job! She is now a member of my auto-buy list.


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