Friday, July 17, 2015

Bleeding Love (Hope Town book 2) by Harper Sloan


I've loved once. I gave everything that I had to that love. Blindly believing that nothing could ever take that feeling away from me. Away from us. And when my little world of happiness was ripped from my fingers, I felt a loss that still haunts me to this day.

Now I use that lingering grief as a shield to keep my heart from loving again. It's that fear that keeps me from letting anyone, except my daughter, get close enough to make it hurt. To make my heart bleed when I inevitably lose again.

Until the day I met Liam Beckett and everything I thought I had protected myself from was shoved back in my face.

He's on a mission to prove to me that a love worth having is a love worth fighting for.


Ok, I'm going to be honest. I wanted Megan to give in from page one.

I mean this is Liam Beckett and we all know who his dad is. (If you don't- STOP and read the Corps Security books first or else you'll be so lost you'll never be found) And because I knew his dad's story I knew this man was made of steel and whatever [whoever] he committed to - was for the long haul. 

This love story did not disappoint. Megan is in a hard place and she needs to heal. Intellectually, I get it and I agree she does need to heal but still....

So when Megan has her "come to Jesus" moment in the bathroom I am all for it. I was screaming yes yes yes FINALLY. Give in to the luscious temptation that is Liam. 

But as much as I plotted on Megan I still had to acknowledge that her recent loss has messed her up such that she doesn't know up from down.

Harper did an amazing job of playing this up and showing you how much Jack meant to her. I mean...sob city. There is plenty evidence of how broken she is, how she is NOT dealing with it and how it is leaking out onto her family.

Now Molly. If there was ever a child that I fell in love with ALMOST as much as Cohen - its Molly. I won't spoil it, but tea parties are so important in this book.

There are so many relationship dynamics running thru this book and friendship is running neck and neck with love. Dani (from Hope Town book 1) and Liam are best friends. I wholeheartedly believe that their close friendship played such a huge part in Liam's patience and understanding because he and Dani were somewhat the same as Jack and Megan, minus the obvious. My eyes were pealed for every eye opener Megan had because they were very necessary. I wanted so much for her to live, to move on and to give Liam the same type of love he was offering her. Liam deserved a medal for the Job-like patience he was serving up to Megan. But when Megan finally came through cue Air Supply's Two Less Lonely People in the World....

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