Saturday, December 28, 2013

Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley

IF there was ever an author that I love more than Julie Garwood it would have to be Kristen Ashley (KA). To date, she has never let me down with any of her books. Yes some have anti-heros and not the quintessential Prince Charming, but her books - honey they are everything.

The same can be said for her most current release Broken Dove. This book gave me LIFE and was everything I wanted it to be. It is a part of her Fantasyland series and it is strongly advisable that you have read the other books in the series first.

KA has such a way with description, dialogue and action that you could translate her books into a movie and they would be a hit. In fact, I wish her books would be optioned for shows on a nudity friendly network. :wink wink: Broken Dove is the story of Ilsa and Apollo. I was introduced to Apollo in a previous book and have been chomping at the bit ever since. After much begging and pestering on KA's Facebook page I heard this was being released this year. Huzzah! (inside joke).

This book was epic. In the previous books you get the idea that something big is brewing in this world. Let me back up by saying the Fantasyland series is based on the concept of parallel universes. In one is our world and the other is kind of a medieval world. And in this alternate universe everyone has a twin whether they are good or evil is unknown. There are situations where a twin is evil and the other good, and there are situations where both twins are good. The premise is that Apollo from the medieval universe pays the witch Valentine to bring the Ilsa of our universe over to his. In Apollo's world he was married to Ilsa's twin and the same for Ilsa, but his twin goes by the name Pol. Even though Ilsa's twin is also good Apollo's twin is not. I don't want to go into too much detail, but this book is not simply Ilsa trying to fit in to this new life in the parallel universe. There is intrigue, back-stabbing, murder plots, magic, Ilsa and Apollo both dealing with their emotional baggage and most importantly the love story of Apollo and Ilsa.

The love scenes are mind-blowing, the action is A+ and the development of the two main characters is stellar. All in all, a great read from a phenomenal author.

And for your gif'ing pleasure

I was so excited for Lahn/Circe to make an appearance because their story is my ultimate fav.

Because Lahn is THE END ALL

But I digress. The chemistry between Apollo and Maddie when they finally let go....

And let's not forget when Apollo and Madeline did their 'exploring' sessions. :screams:

Somebody liked gettin their ass smacked....

Apollo was so erotic and delicious

And their kisses were molten

And yes Buttercup, the same can be said for Madeleine and Apollo

And finally...

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