Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lori Foster "Savor the Danger"

Lori Foster’s Savor the Danger is the story of Trace’s sister Alani Rivers, introduced in When You Dare, and Jackson Savor. Jackson is a new addition to Trace and Dare’s security team.

I was already invested in the Alani character because I was introduced to her in the first book of this series. If you remember, from my review on When You Dare, Alani was rescued along with Dare’s now-wife Molly. So off the bat the reader knows that any man trying to get close to Alani has not only Alani, but Trace and Dare to contend with.

I’m going to name a few of the things I didn’t like, which aren’t that many, and end with the things that I did. DISCLAIMER : These are my opinions and observations based on a single reading of this book. Eventually, I will go back and reread it so it’s possible my ‘dislikes’ can be understood with ANOTHER read. In my opinion Jackson was kind of a p____ hungry jerk. Yes, he’s yummy and dominant and oh so kick ass, BUT I didn’t like the part of his personality where when Alani tried to get close he turned into a sexual jerk. Case in point, Alani was trying to get to know him and he distracted her with a ‘do you swallow’ kind of question. WTF. That scene bothered the crap out of me. The second thing I was a little on the fence about was Jackson’s about face in regards to pursuing a relationship with Alani. One moment he didn’t want to talk about feelings and the next he was all for pursuing something lasting with her.

I did, however, enjoy the interactions between Jackson, Trace and Dare. They were so much alike it was hard to guess how each would respond to the other’s comments and actions. I also liked how protective Trace and Dare were of Alani. The plotline, I’m glad to say, had nothing to do with Alani’s previous kidnapping. Yes, her abduction shaped her and made her more hesitant about everyday things we take for granted, but the fact that she had family to help her overcome was an important aspect of this book. It would’ve been too obvious if her story centered on her kidnapping and I’m glad the author took a different path. Something other than the obvious most often than not makes for a more interesting story. I appreciated and enjoyed the way each character’s pasts made them much more dynamic characters. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Alani ended up with a man so much like her two older brothers. And of course who doesn’t enjoy the introduction of new characters that will most likely have stories of their own. I cannot wait for the story of Arizona and Spence to be told. Lori Foster definitely has mastered the art of whetting the reader’s appetite for more. When her new characters stepped into the scene I was already imagining how explosive and sensual their story was going to be.

Honestly, I didn’t read Trace of Fever, but from the two books I have read in this series her next releases will no doubt be just as good. 

 Feel free to check out the other books in this series.

When You Dare


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