Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

Dragon Bound is the story of Dragos Cuelebre and Pia Giovanni. This story is set in a world where Elves, Wyrs (shifters), Faeries, etc are actual beings and functioning members of society. Dragos is the leader, King, of the Wyr and Pia is a half-breed Wyr who was blackmailed into stealing from Dragos. As soon as she completes the theft she goes on the run because stealing from Dragos is tantamount to a death sentence.

WHERE HAS THEA HARRISON BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? I am absolutely in love with and am prepared to be her beta reader for the next book in this Elder Races series. From the first page down to the last page I was pulled snatched in. Pia is a feisty, strong female character. Even when she feels the situation is hopeless she pushes forward and doesn’t give in. I was instantly intrigued when it was mentioned that Pia was constantly cloaking herself and grew up never telling people whom and what she really was. One of the best plot devices of this book is the idea that your true name holds Power and if someone were to find out your true name then you were theirs to control. In the past, when I’ve read books with this particular design I’ve always enjoyed it. And the same holds true for this book. It’s anything but dull to see how [and if] the characters can manage to keep their true name a secret.

From the get go I was routing for both main characters. Even though Pia stole from Dragos and Dragos was a foul-tempered and jaded tyrant I was on both of their sides. I have to admit I was chomping at the bit to know what sort of Wyr Pia was mixed with. It had to be either something so horrible or so fantastic that she couldn’t share it with just anyone. Such delicious suspense. And you, the reader, finally discovers what she is its like a light bulb clicks on. 

Pia’s sass and Dragos' asshole nature complement each other perfectly. Such a sweet and sour tangy relationship. Although, there were a couple of times where Dragos’ comments literally made my jaw drop. I could not believe some of the things that came out of his mouth and the people who received these words, but the author definitely made it work. And only because of the personality and background Thea Harrison built into Dragos.

This new world Thea Harrison created is one I wouldn’t mind visiting for a couple more books, say a series of 5+ books. And of course there were introductions to possible participants in the next books in the series. I hope they all get their own book. :wink wink:

MINI SPOILER : And what’s an awesome story without adding in a little bit of ‘oopsie I’m preggers’ into it. I loved that the author added this in. It punted the rating from my medium all the way up to high.

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