Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cynthia Eden "Never Cry Wolf"

Never Cry Wolf is the story of Lucas Simone and Sarah King. Lucas is the Alpha of the Los Angeles wolf pack and Sarah is in desperate need of his protection.

I give this book my highest of high ratings. Not because the love scenes were hot – THEY WERE NUCLEAR. Not because Lucas was the ultimate Alpha bad ass whom did not GAF. And not because Sarah held her own with this legend of wolf shifters. But because CE stuffed, Thanksgiving turkey stuffed, this book with sexy shifters and non-stop action with enough tension to send you into instant cardiac arrest. I loved the fact that espionage was her main plot devices. If you like spy movies and dream of Ethan Hunt you’ll love this book. (I’ll leave it at that so I don’t have to splash Spoiler Alert across this review)
Cynthia Eden did an excellent job with her character development, especially with Lucas. The book starts off with Lucas being a badass, but I personally wanted to know what happened to him to make him this ultimate BA and she gave it to me. If you like having a back story on your main characters – it’s there. I enjoyed the fact that Cynthia Eden wasn’t afraid to pump her characters full of flaws. It was great that there wasn’t the obligatory one main character is perfect while the other isn’t.  In my opinion, it helped me “root for” and support Sarah and Lucas better knowing that they weren’t “fine upstanding citizens.” This is real life and in this reality Sarah was a serial liar and Lucas had no problem with offing someone when there was a need.  The character development is so good that even when secondary and other background characters are introduced I wanted to veer off topic and delve into their stories as well. Way to go building the need to continue reading this series.
Dimension and a road that splits many ways. I say this because there is more than one villain and the driving force behind each is not the same. They are not all out for the same thing. Revenge. Power. Domination. All of these are a part of each villain’s end game, but their motivations are different.  Yes they all want power, but some desire revenge and some just want to show how strong they are.  All of these different motivations make for a multi-dimensional “villain.” It drives the anticipation and tension sky high because you have no clue in which direction each villain is going to go.
One thing that I wish had been changed, even though I know why she did it, was the fact that Lucas’s pack wasn’t larger. I was expecting this semi-large pack led by the ultimate BA, but that was not the case. Maybe it was my own preconceived notion that a shifter’s strength is in how large his pack is. Maybe it’s more along the lines of how strong your pack is and not the size of it.  Revelation. Light bulb. J


  1. Hi, Kelly! Thank you so much for taking the time to review Never Cry Wolf--and I sure am glad that you enjoyed the story (and my shifters!). Thank you!

    (By the way, Maria guided me over!)

    Again, thank you!

  2. OMG! NO thank you for reading the review. Love this series