Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise book 1) by K.F. Breene

I first fell in love with this author’s writing in her Darkness series.

Fate of Perfection is book one in her new series entitled Finding Paradise. The two main characters are Millicent and Ryker. The backdrop of this book is a sci-fi world where corporations run the free world. There are internal computers (implants) that allow people (those who can afford it) to control every day functions. Millicent is the head of security and spends her time writing code and creating deadly weapons. She is, for all intents and purposes, a worker drone. She takes a supplement to control her sexuality; she goes to work, comes home and works out – all by schedule.
She is chosen to participate in a breeding program that will biologically imbue her child with the capabilities of the implants that most high level people possess. What they didn’t expect was for Millicent to become attached to her child and not want to turn her over to the corporation. Nor did they expect her to enlist the aid of one of their best security agents.

This book is full of description, tension, action, death, fear---emotion, emotion, emotion. As I read the book I wasn’t exactly sure where the author was going. I knew she was laying the groundwork [rolling out the exposition] so that the reader knew what kind of world Millicent existed in, but twice I found myself lost. I was lost in all of the description and exposition. I found myself saying ok ok I understand moving on. The relationship between Ryker and Millicent is very sexually charged [on Ryker’s part because Millicent takes a passion dampener]. If you thought this book would be like the Darkness series, heavy on the sexual moments, you’ll be disappointed. This book is the framework for the series. It’s an introduction to key characters and drops hints at what most likely will happen if Millicent and Ryker escape the corporation with Millicent’s child.

I could most definitely see this book being adapted into a movie. If you love sci-fi, genetic engineering, futuristic world setting then you will enjoy this book. 

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