Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Misdeeds (Death Dwellers MC #2.5) by Kathryn Kelly

Misdeeds (Death Dwellers MC #2.5)Misdeeds by Kathryn Kelly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Explicit language warning....

This cunt bitch heffa Kendall is tap-dancing on my last nerve.

If I could've punched Kendall I would've. She was the cause of so much drama and trouble. Half the shit that went down wouldn't have happened if not for her irritating, needy, self-hating ass. Man! Get a grip. Yes, your life was [is] shit, but now you've got this fine piece of biker ass and you STILL continue to self-sabotage.

I was thru with her before the book began and utterly thru with her 30 pages into the book.

The back and forth between her and Megan was two seconds away from being too much and super saturated.

Kendall needed a good ole slap slap with her Dynasty drama

Sidenote : Christopher is

And Mortician needs to get with the Bailey program...QUICK

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