Friday, April 11, 2014

C.A. Szarek "The Tartan MP3 Player"

Book One in the time travel, fantasy romance series, Highland Secrets!
She never believed in magic…
Claire McGowan, Scotophile and historical romance novel addict, finally saves up enough for her dream vacation to Scotland.
She never imagines she’ll get sucked back to the seventeenth century while running on the beach—that’s what she gets for exercising when she should be relaxing.
He knows with a harsh certainty magic exists...
The Fae have taken his brother—Laird of his clan. Duncan MacLeod finds a bonnie naked and confused lass. He’s convinced Claire arrived in 1672 through the Faery Stones—a magical portal he’s been scouring the lands for over the past six months.
At last, he has someone who’s been through the Faery Stones and can help him find them—and get his brother back.

First, I’d like to thank the author and Twinsie Book Tours for allowing me to participate in this Blog Tour. In my cyber book travels I have heard of C.A. Szarek before, but I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing her writing. When the call for blogs went out I read the synopsis and was immediately intrigued. The title I loved and I have always had a soft spot for Scottish time travel romances.  Duncan and Claire did not disappoint. I enjoyed how the author navigated her way around Duncan accepting her mysterious appearance on his beach. The Fae of course. Slam the Fae and time travel together and I am there. The chemistry between Duncan and Claire was instant and burned straight off the pages. I literally devoured this story and wished it had been a bit longer. There were steamy love scenes, tension-laden missions to the Faery realm and action packed fight scenes. YES! YES! I enjoyed this read. 


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