Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taunting Destiny (Fae Chronicles #2) by Amelia Hutchins

It has taken me a couple of days to read this book; not because it was a difficult read but because it was so awesome. I wanted to savor this sequel and I knew it would be over too soon. If you haven’t read Fighting Destiny you need to stop this review and read part one of the Fae Chronicles. I am just as happy as a pig in sh*t that I discovered this author. On one hand I want her to go mainstream and pick up a huge publisher, but then I KNOW the books will slow down. NO! I am not in favor of that. Independent publishing means AH get’s all of the proceeds and she deserves it.

Moving on….

The Fae Chronicles is a heavily sexualized and violent action story. Synthia is amazing. She is strong and opinionated. The perfect yang to Ryder’s yin. Ryder is one word: devastation. He is everything dominant and the King of Alpha. He wets panties with one phrase. :sighs:
This book picks up where FD left off. Syn is bonded, and I use that word loosely, to Ryder until she completes her Fairy Transition. Besides her Transition, Syn is trying to solve the mystery of her guardian’s murder and at the same time figure out what is going on in the Guild. Note: You need to have read part 1 to know what I am referring to.

There are so many characters in this book that I want to have their own stories told. Even if it’s not separate, but a sideline plot I still want in. Ristan, Ryder’s Demon bestie, definitely deserves his own story to be told. This is definitely a new favorite of mine and Amelia Hutchins is officially on my auto-buy list.

And because expressing myself thru gif's has become a hobby of mine. Here I go....;)

Whenever Ryder comes on the scene

Oh my dear Syn, whenever you try and break from Ryder its like

When the marriage contract between her and A____ was suggested

Whenever Ryder and Synthia are in the same room together their chemistry is explosive

And their sex game can send you into overload 

And when I got to that last dreaded page

To sum it up

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