Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baby Fever by Jenika Snow


If you're not familiar with Jenika Snow you should know that her books will 11 times out of 10 melt your panties right off.

I knew this book would be a straight to the point - melt you into a puddle from page one and I wasn't wrong. This is not some 100 chapter long thick and deep love story, but what it is - is an inferno. Sure the character Dex is over the top and would not escape an encounter with me without my punting his balls into his brain, but in this story he works. The interactions between Eva and Dex are just as over the top, but I love it. {The author herself mentioned it was unbelievable} Dex wants a baby and most importantly he wants Eva to be its mother.

I love the gritty, possessive, highly sexual tones of this book because sometimes you just need a banger. Am I right? :)

Pick it up, its currently $0.99 over at Amazon.

Note: ARC provided for honest review

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