Thursday, July 7, 2016

Playing with Monsters (Playing with Monsters, #1) by Amelia Hutchins

Playing with Monsters (Playing with Monsters, #1)Playing with Monsters by Amelia Hutchins
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This book was very different than what I expected. I can honestly say when I first started the book I was not feeling Lucian and Lena. I remember Lucian from A.Hutchins' other books, but I didn't have an opinion on him. With this book I sure did. He is an a-hole and a supreme douche. A menthol eucalyptus douche - if you can imagine something so painful.
I felt as if Lena's will and purpose wasn't strong enough. She struck as being pretty self-assured and strong in character, but as soon as she meets Lucian its like her mind and her panties go up in the air.

My only way around characterizing Lena as weak-willed and run by her coochie was to tell myself Lucian is a powerful ________. I leave it blank because I really don't know what creature he is. He isn't a fairy, he's not the Devil's right hand man, and he damned sure isn't a witch (like Lena). So many secrets and no idea who knows the truth. What the reader does know is that a past witch cursed Lucian's people [Lucian himself?] and there's some kind of power that will be released into the world if Lucian doesn't kill the resurrected witch. There's more to it than that, but thems the basics.

Also, Lena herself is going through major sh*t and its called life. Her life is soooo messy. Her coven. Her family. Her relationships. Her yet to be released powers. Its all messed up. Throw in this sexually charged fog that grabs her whenever she's around Lucian and we have a huge recipe for disaster.

Honestly, I didn't get seriously invested until the middle of the book. Lucian is still not my fav character.

I will continue to read the series because I think both characters can redeem themselves. haha

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