Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ARC : Obligation (Underground Kings #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


First off I want to thank TRSOR promotions as well as the author for providing me with this ARC.

I was so excited to receive it because I am a die hard Aurora Rose Reynolds fan. Ever since I read the Until Series I was hooked.

If you are familiar with her previous work then you will recognize the character Kai. If so, then you know that he is NOT on the right side of the law. I was a little confused with how the book began. Without ruining the story, you are introduced to the heroine after the act of her marrying Kai. You know Kai is protecting her and marrying her is his way of doing so. I went with it and much later you discover the skeletons in Myla's closet and Kai's involvement with said skeletons.

I liked this story because there isn't some instant attraction between the two characters. Hell, Myla is scared for her life - sex and a relationship aren't at the top of her list right now; survival is. I enjoyed the way the author changed things up with the character's racial backgrounds. I don't usually read a book where the hero is of Polynesian descent. My mind went in overdrive imagining how hot Kai was. (With a name like Kai could he be anything but!)

If you're looking for an interaction between Kai and the Until Series characters you'll find a miniature one, but not enough to feed a reunion fix. There is such tension in this book in regards to Myla's past AND Kai's future. Kai is trying to create a new image and new business practices and Myla is just trying to understand who her family is.

In conclusion, its definitely worth a read.

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