Monday, October 6, 2014

Vasily's Revenge by Latrivia Nelson

Vasily's RevengeVasily's Revenge by Latrivia S. Nelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read part 1 a few months ago and couldn't wait until part 2 was released. I am absolutely in love with the Medlov crime series. Anatoly, Gabriel, Dmitry, and Vasily - love'em all.

Latrivia has done it again. Not one of these books has ever been a letdown. Sexy, possessive, and dangerous. This series needs to be optioned for television. I am literally on the edge of my seat every time I open one of these books. This one was no different. We've always seen Vasily in the background as head of security, but now we get to read about his past and how he came to be with Dmitry.

We also get to have mini reunions with Royal, Renee, Briggy and the kids. For the sake of not posting a spoiler alert I'll just say Gabriel and Briggy's story is obviously the next up. I CANNOT WAIT! It promises to be oh so delicious.

Once again we see why Dmitry is the Czar of the Underworld.

Nothing get's by him. He knows ALL and is always two steps ahead. He was handling business before Gabriel, Anatoly and Vasily's collective first pubic hair sprouted.

And Leo....I had not an ounce of pity for him.

Well, you sent for Lily so Vasily came as a result. And I was all...

Vasily went straight Predator on the whole situation.

And when the book finally wrapped up. It was all

And some straight mischief managed type of sh*t

And the Epilogue...she set Gabriel/Briggy up so well.

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