Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seize Me by Crystal Spears (Breakneck series)

I found this author thru either Facebook or my sporadic book search. As I read the synopsis my eyes were glued to the words MC (Motorcycle Club). I should preface this review by saying I've been on a MC book kick, which was jump started by Kristen Ashley. So far I've dipped into Joanna Wylde and Madeline Sheehan. Moving on....

I picked the book up on a Wednesday and 5 hours later I was done. :Sighs: I want to say that first of all don't go into this book thinking ANYONE or ANYTHING is safe or sacred. People die. Drugs are in the forefront and the sex is OH SO delicious. I was glad to discover that Winter's crime family connections are not the main plot device. Initially, I already had the story laid out in my head, but was happy to realize early on that I could throw those ideas out of the window. C.Spears had me changing positions in my bed every hour I was so invested in this book. Hell, let's be real, I was invested three pages in. Winter and Lana are characters who put you in mind of someone you know. Their desire to be their own masters and to live their lives beholden to no one was great. I knew I could expect jaw dropping things from these ladies. And I wasn't disappointed.

The minute Pyro and Braxxon come on the scene turn your fan [a/c] on because you're gonna need it. Braxxon and Pyro are some hot specimens. 

I also think its important to mention that this book did not remind me of any other previously read MC books. The Breakneck series stands on its own. Though, there were parts I wish did not happen I was glad when the author made me uncomfortable. Not everything should be safe and HEA because that's not the way the world [and life] works. Important people die and romanticizing Motorcycle club life is not the way this book works. Drugs, murder, violence, money, friendship, family, steamy sex, greed, jealousy, revenge - this book has it all.

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