Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reclaiming Angelica by Zena Wynn

Reclaiming Angelica

Werewolf, Raul Santiago, learned a hard lesson early in life--never reveal to humans what you are. It's an easy rule to adhere to until he meets Angelica Ruiz, his human mate. Now she's asking questions he can't answer because the risk of losing her too great.

When she leaves him, Raul's determined to do whatever it takes to reclaim his mate. Once he does, he'll discover his angel's been keeping a few secrets of her own.

Let me start this review off by saying Zena Wynn is such an awesome author that when her books are released I’m like a crackhead with a fix, I GOT TO GET IT. :scratches neck: I drop whatever I am doing and pick up the book.
I don’t know how long ago she posted it, but the first chapter/excerpt was so gut-wrenching and painful I was instantly on board with the male main character and rooting for his HEA. If anyone deserved a happy ending, he did. The second thing I found interesting; well, the first being Raul was a sexy ass Shifter, was the numerous potential for spin-offs. Of course Raul had to have a pack and of course they weren’t mated. I cannot wait for their stories. For the sake of not ruining the story I won’t mention who else should get a story, but he is loosely related to Raul. From the events of the prologue I already knew it was going to be extremely difficult for Raul to move past his traumatizing childhood. I thought half of the battle had been won since he’d already discovered his mate, but I was in for a rude awakening.

Angelica is the perfect female character. She is feisty and decisive; when she sets her mind on something she follows through. It was great to see Raul was not going to walk all over Angelica.
Although, if I could change anything I would make it longer, but isn’t that always the case with your favorite authors. They can never write a book long enough. :) I enjoyed the interaction between Angelica/Raul. Whether they were arguing or in the middle of a steamy love session they were the perfect couple. I also enjoyed the sense of family and togetherness I got from Raul and his packmates. All in all I cannot wait for the continuation of these characters.

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