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Wrangled and Tangled: A Blacktop Cowboy Novel by Lorelei James

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Janie Fitzhugh and Abe Lawson have long been divorced and living apart. Now she's back in town, a changed woman-making cattleman Abe want to wrangle an invitation to her bed...
To get his dream ranch, Renner Jackson has partnered with spoiled daddy's girl Tierney Pratt. She thinks she can handle this cowboy, but Renner won't make it easy. Little do they know they will be entangled in ways neither dreamed possible?

If you can’t say anything about Lorelei James (LJ) you have to say that she can sure write hot love scenes. I am a regular reader of LJ and I know that I need to make sure that my fan is in working order and my icebox is full. Her love scenes are NUCLEAR blow your ears off hot. I have no idea how to describe her love scenes; sometimes they’re hard core f*$&ing and sometimes they’re hot sex, but regardless they’re hot as Hell.
The best thing about this book, in my opinion, is the fact that its two couple’s (Janie/Abe & Renner/Tierney) story and not just one. Janie and Abe is a previously married couple and their story is about the two trying to find their way back to each other. Tierney is a financial advisor whose father is backing Renner’s cowboy resort and the two are like oil and vinegar. They rub each other raw just by being in the same room together.  Out of the two I was more interested in Tierney and Renner. The minute it was mentioned Tierney tossed a drink in Renner’s face I knew I loved Tierney. She was a shy spitfire. She didn’t take any of Renner’s crap and stuck to her guns. I think Tierney was my favorite character of them all because of her personality. She threw herself into everything wholeheartedly. If she believed in something, relationship or work, she gave it her all. She didn’t let her inexperience hold her back.
As for Abe and Janie, I wasn’t 100% on their team. At first, I wasn’t totally on board with Abe’s about face in the sex department. But the more I read the more I agreed with his metamorphosis. He and Janie were young when they married and hadn’t explored, nor developed, their sexual desires completely so if you think about it that way then Abe’s preferences are believable. I wasn’t a fan of Janie because of self-centered she was. It seemed as if everything should revolve around her. She didn’t know what was going on with Abe because she was too self-absorbed to see it. She didn’t seem to take any accountability for the breakup of her and Abe’s marriage.  Even though she was young when it happened she was still walking around with the frame of mind that none of it was her fault. I give LJ kudos for creating such a realistic, life-like character because we all know someone as one-track minded as her.
The pace of the book goes pretty fast, but not so fast that you can’t keep up. LJ does an excellent job of separating each couple’s story. I was never confused when reading. As far as the two couples interacting with each other, they do a time or two, but for the most part their stories and struggles are separate entities.
I give this my high rating for the sexy cowboys, never say day female characters and hot love scenes.

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  1. I love your review site! It inspires me to want to read. Unfortunately, the only thing Im allowed to read these days are textbooks and novels for class. *boo!* Hopefully, Ill get back to reading fun things soon!