Thursday, September 15, 2011

Valiant by Laurann Dohner

I cannot gush and praise this book enough. I started it last night and didn’t stop until I finished, which wasn’t until after midnight. Many already know I am a huge fan of Laurann Dohner and this new book in the New Species series is only fueling my addiction. I was so glad it was two hundred plus pages.
This is the story of Valiant a New Species member who takes more after his animal DNA, physically and personably. Valiant has a reputation as the most dangerous and most feared New Species. Tammy works for a catering service and was given bad directions and ends up in Valiant’s territory.
I feel like a broken record, but I’ll say it until it no longer applies. LD knows how to keep you invested in a book. Halfway through the book I noticed my back was hurting and I realized I had been hunched over my laptop for almost two hours. It was that good. When Valiant’s character was introduced in a previous book I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in reading his story because his animal side was so much more prevalent than Fury’s or Slade’s, but I am glad I took the chance. I knew from previous experience to expect murder, sex, treachery and romance. I wasn’t disappointed. I was also happy to see cameos of previous characters. I also knew to expect at least two run-ins with the human terrorist organizations that are against the existence of the New Species.
I loved how intense LD made Valiant. He was uber protective, uber possessive, uber sexual. He was just uber in all ways. Be still my heart. If you want an Alpha, Valiant is that and more.  I knew that New Species were an intense breed, but Valiant brought new meaning to that term. He felt everything so much more intensely than the average man so when he finally fell for Tammy he fell completely. LD has a reputation for writing nail biters and this release didn’t deviate from the norm. The love scenes were explosive and enough to make anyone blush. These two had such intense passion and chemistry that it literally jumped off of the page. And just when you think the two are going to get a HEA something else happens and they’re back in the fray.
Definitely a must read.


  1. Boy how I remember my book addiction! After moving into a new apartment from a house and then again moving to my brothers there was no room for books :( Alot I gave to goodwill and decided not to buy anymore. But I love a good book! And will gladly sit hrs after hrs reading- these sound interesting.

    PS- thanks for all your lovely blog posts! to answer your questions 1) the matte shadows in the Absolute palette work beautiful! The look i did yesterday i used the white n light blue and they are awesome! I just think they came out less than perfect because i used my fingers instead of a brush.

  2. I love Laurann Dohner and I found the New Species series by accident. In about a week I had changed my mind about Erotic Romance ( and about 3 weeks ago I bought and read all the books and reviewed Tiger not too long ago. This is a great series.