Oldies But Goodies

This is where I'm going to post my CURRENT fav book from way back. :)

I'm taking it back to Johanna Lindsey. I heart her forever and always. She is one of the authors whose books I have double copies of. i.e. I have ebook copies AND still hold on to my print copies. The series from her that I recently had to re-read and continue to enjoy to this day is the Haardrad Viking series.

Fires of Winter is about a Celtic lady, Brenna, being abducted by the Viking family of Garrick Haardrad for revenge against ills done against Garrick by her people. Hearts Aflame is the story of Brenna and Garrick's daughter Kristen who is taken prisoner by a Saxon Lord named Royce. And finally, Surrender My Love is the story of Brenna and Garrick's son Selig who has taken a Danish noblewoman hostage as revenge for ills done against him by her. As I'm sure you noticed revenge plays a huge part in this series, but I LOVE IT! You should check it out.


I think most readers and lovers of the "romance novel" are familiar with Virginia Henley. She is one of the veterans and one I still half-ass stalk. I can still remember being in junior high and reading her books. I can't remember the exact day or how I came across this book, but "Desired" was the first book of hers that I read. I was instantly captivated by her description and especially Christian de Beauchamp err I mean Hawksblood.

If you want to know about seduction then this is the 'cut' right here. Christian and Brianna are timeless. I read this book before I knew that romance novels were broken into genres. I wouldn't say this is a medieval romance so I'll just stick to the historical romance its usually labeled as. No matter when I look at the cover, from the nineties til now in 2012 its still HOT. If you haven't read it, you are missing out. Bawdy, smoking, oftentimes perverse and absolutely delicious. This is classic fiction.